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Group Scheme FAQs

What is a company paid group scheme?

  • You take out a company paid insurance policy and add your employees as members. 
  • You pay the premium as part of the employees remuneration package and employees receive a taxable benefit. A group scheme can be offered on no, or little, underwriting terms so that access is not dependent on detailed health questionnaires and pre-existing conditions are disregarded.
  • You choose the level of cover to be provided and whether or not family members can be added.

We’ll provide you with literature to help you communicate your scheme and maximise the value of the benefit.

What are the benefits of a group scheme?

Not many people can afford serious illness – if time is money, time spent in hospital is a substantial financial loss. By ensuring that your employees have access to the benefits of a company paid insurance policy you’ve chosen to give them extra financial help when they need it most. This means:

  • Your employees receive a valuable benefit to help with recruitment and retention.
  • Your employees feel valued by you.

How do we administer a group company paid scheme?

  • We’ll look at the options with you and provide the product and cover you select.
  • We’ll arrange a system for adding and removing members as your employees join and leave your company.
  • We’ll deal directly with your employees to provide support and handle their claims. All our products are designed to make claiming simple and easy.

Why choose us?

Financial strength

Our policies are insured through underwriters rated highly with Fitch Ratings, and, Standards and Poor’s, giving your employees access to the financial strength your company will expect from its insurers.

Commitment to employee needs

Our commitment to customer needs extends beyond the decision to purchase to the way we administer policies and handle claims.


Carry out customer instructions promptly

Do not create barriers to cancelling policies

Do not try  to influence customer choices 

Do not create barriers to claiming

Settle claims fairly and speedily


We provide our products as part of a complete employee benefit package through the My Staff Shop Platform offered by our sister company. Add lifestyle and discount benefits, salary sacrifice schemes and Reward and Recognition programmes alongside your health & wellness product.

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