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David Cartlidge - Group CEO

David has been with the company since 2012, initially as the IT Director and promoted to Group CEO in 2022. He is committed to creating an environment where the employees of My Group can thrive and do the very best they can for the clients they serve. David has a passion for
football where he coaches his local team.

Jonathan Breakell - Managing Director

Jonathan has been with the company since 2018 where he started as a Compliance Assistant. Working his way up through the company, He became Managing Director in 2024. His motto is 'keep things simple' and to make sure the customer is at the heart of everything the company, and he, does.

Martin Jones - Finance Director

Martin is the Finance Director across our group. He is a qualified accountant and has a strong analytical background from his time in audit. His passions are, as you would expect, in the financial sector where he keenly watches the flow of money round the world... he could talk to you about it all day!

Marc Tooth - Business Development Manager

How long have you got? Well, Marc will probably take longer! Our resident chatterbox, Marc gets on with everyone and will soon have you thinking you've known him all your life! Outside of work his passion is his family and his sport - for his sins he is an avid Wolves fan!

Fredrica Bancroft - Compliance Assistant

Fred is our resident animal whisperer! When they have not got their headphones on, auditing the sales team, you will find them cuddling their cat, BeeBee, or tending to one of their many spiders. And yes... before you ask, they have brought these into the office - to the alarm of some of their colleagues!

Taylor Page - Customer Services

Taylor is the person you are likely to speak to if you give us a call! Don't worry, she doesn't bite! Taylor is a stickler for detail and likes to make sure everything is just as it should be. She prides herself on giving great customer service to everyone that she deals with.

Ziggy - CSO (chief sleep officer)

Ziggy is one of our resident office dogs. When he is not under a desk snoring, he likes to patrol the office, looking for unsuspecting colleagues to give him treats. Out of work, as you may have guessed, his main hobby is sleeping, alongside keeping his human brother and sister company!

Mabel - CCO (chief cuddle officer)

Mabel is the youngest member of our team, but what she lacks in age she makes up for in personality. Having made her office debut in late 2023, Mabel will be looking to make more regular appearances in 2024. As you may have been able to tell from her title, she loves getting cuddles from everyone!

Our company paid insurance schemes

Why choose us?

Financial strength

Our policies are insured through underwriters rated highly with Fitch Ratings, and, Standards and Poor’s, giving your employees access to the financial strength your company will expect from its insurers.

Commitment to employee needs

Our commitment to customer needs extends beyond the decision to purchase to the way we administer policies and handle claims.


Carry out customer instructions promptly

Do not create barriers to cancelling policies

Do not try  to influence customer choices 

Do not create barriers to claiming

Settle claims fairly and speedily


We provide our products as part of a complete employee benefit package through the My Staff Shop Platform offered by our sister company. Add lifestyle and discount benefits, salary sacrifice schemes and Reward and Recognition programmes alongside your health & wellness product.

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